Our services

Svandata are experts in figuring out what statistics you need, and how it can be presented to benefit your needs the most. 

We bring trade statistics from all over the world, right into your mail box. Or all your colleagues inboxes. Or through our clever web distribution, with login information that you can share within the company.

We adapt every order to each customer – big or small. Through the years we have learned that there is one design that is preferred slightly more than others, and this is the example we would like to show you.

Click here to access our example order, via dropbox.

After your order you will get a similar access to your specific statistics, with a password. You would rather get your order via email? That works too! The files will be sent in a file-format of your choice.



All available product codes

Products in the spreadsheet below are divided by the 6-digit HS-system which is used globally. Each country or group of countries (e.g. the EU) have created additional systems which are used for their national trade statistics. SvanData use countries’ national systems, except for China.

Contact us if you have any questions about which products you should use in your analysis. The spreadsheet below can also be downloaded for further references.